Central America Philanthropy Guide

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The Central America Philanthropy Guide is an evolving resource to help philanthropists and donors understand the funding landscape in Central America by highlighting grant-making from public and private institutional donors from around the world. The Guide is meant to encourage greater conversation and collaboration between funders, as well as strengthen civil society in the region.

This second edition of the Guide contains information on grants made in 2016 to over 300 unique NGOs based in Central America. The data represent over $74 million in grants made to the region by 61 institutional donors. This year, the Guide is complemented by Tableau data visualization, which allows users to further explore the information – see more below!

We invite funders working in Central America to support future editions of the Central America Philanthropy Guide by sharing their grant-making information and feedback. For more information about the Guide, or to be included in the third edition, please contact Olga Vnodchenko at olga@seaif.org.